Rumors of My Publisher’s Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated (in 140 characters)

This is a public service announcement (and also a helping-ChiZine-deal-with-sloppy-tweeting announcement).

ChiZine Publications, the publisher of my story collection Monstrous Affections and my forthcoming novel Eutopia, is doing just fine. So’s their parent webzine, ChiZine. You wouldn’t know it if you were a-Twitter today, when a fiend bastard sloppy Twitterer posted a note that ChiZine is shutting down. Perhaps it is an honest mistake – earlier this month, Dorchester Publishing let go Don D’Auria, the editor responsible for the Leisure Horror line, and announced they’re going into print-on-demand and ebooks. Many presume this means that’s it for Dorchester, which has in the past sponsored ChiZine. So presumably, said twitterer thought that might be it for ChiZine the webzine, and further surmised that CZP is also in the toilet.

Oh, the presuming! My, the surmising! Ye Gods, the unsubstantiated crap!

Don’t believe me? Here’s what CZP posted on their website, which you can link to here:

A Note From the Publishers of CZP

Recently, Leisure Books, due to financial difficulties, had to cease its sponsorship of There is a note up on explaining the details, but this has no effect on ChiZine Publications. The sponsorship agreement never covered CZP, and CZP never had any business relationship with Leisure—we’re not an imprint or subsidiary; we are a privately held company. Rumours we are going out of business or in financial trouble are completely false. If anything, based on advance numbers for our Fall books, we’re doing better than ever. Don’t miss our October 22nd Toronto Fall launch! —Brett & Sandra, Co-Publishers

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