October 2010

Now this is a book trailer…

Not my book trailer – but this one’s worth sharing. Bruce MacDonald (of Highway 61 and more to the point, Pontypool fame) shot this trailer for Tony Burgess’ new book out of CZP, People Still Live in Cashtown Corners. So turn down the lights, yard-apes. And prepare to be un-eased.

SF Contario

In November, I’ll be at SFContario, helping inaugurate this new Toronto science fiction/fantasy convention. I’ve got a schedule – with readings and everything you might hope for. And here it is: Friday 8:00 PM GardenviewSmall Press Publishing.How do you get started in small-press publishing? What’s the currentmarket like and what role does the small press …

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The Kind of Face You Hate

It’s an appropriate title for a blog taking a look at Monstrous Affections, don’t you think? Brett at CZP pointed me to this thoughtful review of a couple of stories in Monstrous Affections – and of the cover, which I would say is more The Kind of Face You’d Hate To Love.

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