Is that a steel banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?*

It was just over a week ago that I met up at east-end coffee shop Tango Palace with Devon Wong, the literature and theory correspondent for – a very cool webzine that subtitles itself ‘that post-pomo variety show’ – and his photographer, Matt, for a chat about Monstrous Affections, the art of horror and comedy, why lying is sometimes a good thing, and the vocal stylings of Tom Waits. I wore my black leather coat and glowered up a storm to put the fear into ’em, but it didn’t work. We went outside to take a picture of me and said our goodbyes.

Well you got to know it doesn’t take long for something like that to end up on the internet. So yesterday evening, I came home from a birthday dinner of meat and meat (go, carnivorous yard-apes, and try the goose foie gras at The Black Hoof on Dundas Street West at the top of Trinity Bellwoods Park; go now) to the spectacle of me, on the cover, and the interview itself posted right here.

So go check it out. Devon and Matt did me proud, I think.

And while you’re there, feast your eyes on the rest of the journal, which includes articles on everything from break-ups and the movies, to dinosaur porn. I’m bookmarking it all. Although possibly not at work.

* Sorry,; couldn’t resist.

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