A Texas-Size Worldcon Schedule…

I will be in San Antonio, Texas, next week, for LoneStarCon3, which is to say the World Science Fiction Convention, which is to say there is a schedule for places where I’ll be panelling and signing and kaffeklatsching.

Here’s how it’s shaking down:

August 29:

Autographing Session at the Convention Centre, with Edward M. Lerner, G. David Nordley and Alastair Reynolds.

August 30:
2 p.m.

The Cthulhu Internationale
006CD (Convention Center)
Tracks: Literature

Toh EnJoe, David Nickle, Seia Tanabe, Masao Higashi, Cathy Clamp
H. P. Lovecraft’s influence on horror and science fiction is not only immense, it is international. Come hear from Lovecraftians from the Americas, Europe, and Asia talk about Lovecraft’s work inspired them, and how their own work has adapted Lovecraftian themes for their particular national audiences.

6 p.m.:

Do SF Stories have Fewer Happy Endings Now?
007A (Convention Center)
Tracks: Literature

Martha Wells, Jessica Reisman, David Nickle, Grant Carrington, Bryan T. Schmidt
In the 1940s, 50s and even 60s the Good Guy usually won and the Earth was saved. How and why did our stories’ endings change?

Aug. 31:

1 p.m. Kaffeklatsch, with Tobias Buckell, in the Riverview (Riverwalk)

Sept. 1:

11 a.m.:

Fiction about Real Politics and How Writers Get It Wrong
007A (Convention Center)


Living with a Creator
102B (Convention Center)
Tracks: Fannish

David Nickle, David Gallaher, Diana Thayer
Is egoboo a strong influence on our successful authors and artists? What’s more important to the success of an artist — talent or a spouse with real job (and health insurance)?

 5 p.m.

Where have the Ghost Stories Gone?
102A (Convention Center)
Tracks: Literature

Ellen Datlow, David Nickle, David G. Hartwell, Peggy Hailey
Ghost stories used to be a major part of literature, from Victorian times though the first half the Twentieth Century. Charles Dickens, M.R. James, and others were major figures. Are ghost stories still a key part of literature? How have things changed

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