The ‘Yard’ goes analog

Contracts are yet to be signed, a title yet to be settled-upon, and two new stories yet to be written — but the news is still good, Yard-apes. This weekend, Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi of the ChiZine machine let me know they’re going to publish a story collection of mine.

It’ll come out in 2009, from ChiZine Publications. That being ChiZine’s new paper-and-ink imprint, just launched last month with Brent Hayward’s novel Filaria. Yeah, you could say I’m pretty stoked. Filaria‘s goddamn gorgeous, and Brett and Sandra reassured me that the collection will be goddamn gorgeous-er — although we cannot, as I’d suggested, call it Nice Stories for Kids. More than likely, the book you’ll all be ordering in limited-edition hardcover this time next year (right?) and again somewhat later in an affordably-priced trade paperback (um, right?) will bear the name of this blog and website:

The Devil’s Exercise Yard
Nice Stories for Kids

But there’s plenty of time to decide. In the meantime, let me just say it’ll be a pleasure to be working with Brett and Sandra and publishing a story collection and having you all buy it when the time comes.


* * *

Update – April 1

Okay, after a quick email exchange with Brett and Sandra, both of whom have a far better idea on how to sell a collection than I, it probably won’t bear the title

The Devil’s Exercise Yard
Nice Stories for Kids

but rest assured we’ll call it something. And probably not

The Devil’s Mud Room
Nice Stories for Kids

either. Although so far Sandra likes that one best…

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