Tesseracts Twelve Must Be Out…

… because the reviews of the all-novella-all-the-time anthology edited by Claude Lalumière and contributed to by me are lining up. So far, it’s two-for-two. This one, from SFRevu reviewer Colleen Cahill, is just as kind as the last one (see below). Read it here.

Here’s what she said about my story, Wylde’s Kingdom:

“David Nickle gives us a darkly satirical piece in “Wylde’s Kingdom”, where the end of the world is combined with an over-the-top and fatal Disney production. A former TV star who has tried to escape the nightmare of the show Wylde’s Kingdom is kidnapped when his former boss decides this is the best way to make a comeback. A work of both humor and pathos, this story is one that will keep you turning every page.”

She said nicer things still about the story my writing-workshop pals Michael Skeet and Jill Snider-Lum wrote:

My favorite novella is “Beneath the Skin” by Michael Skeet and Jill Snider Lum, an oriental fantasy with lots of atmosphere.

And so on. Go check out the full review. And buy the anthology. Colleen Cahill and SFRevu say so.

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