Tesseracts Eleven gets launched…

… on schedule and without a hitch. About eight of us author types made it to Bakka Phoenix on Queen Street West Saturday afternoon to give Tesseracts Eleven (edited by Cory Doctorow and Holly Phillips) a proper launch. And what fun it was!

We all talked a bit and read a bit, sold a stink of a lot of books and got everyone’s name right. As you can see from the picture showing the gigantic crowd, that was no small accomplishment.

Karen Fernandez (not in the pictures) snapped these photographs (in addition to the one up top) of the bunch of us.

From left to right:Claude Lalumière, David Nickle (me!), Kate Reidel and Hugh Spencer.

From left to right:
Madeline Ashby, Lisa Carriero, Susan Deefholts and Steven Kotowych.

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