Peter Watts is free

I type this from the basement of the Quay Street Brewing Company, where manager Mike Ziegler has kindly let me post this.

Sentencing is finished. Judge Adair dismissed any thoughts of jail time, made Peter pay a fine, and shared wisdom about the respect we must afford police.

But never mind that. No jail time. We are celebrating for a bit at Quay Street, then heading home.

28 thoughts on “Peter Watts is free”

  1. sort of good news, but he was still found "guilty" and he will have to declare his "arrest" everytime he enters the u.s. in the future. this affects everything from visa status, to longer border checks and more hassle, he has a "criminal record" with the u.s. now.

    respecting the police is important, but only if they in turn respect the citizenry. in fact, because of the power they are given by the citizenry, the police should be more accountable for their behaviour ! i am tired of abuses of authority.

  2. Peter, I am delighted. I checked about 5 minutes after waking up this morning (Wednesday). And Mr Nickle, you have my complements. Finally, I agree fully with Jetse. All the best.

  3. Um – it's "tenterhooks" and just wait until I see my first Yank tourist of the summer.

    Someone is going to regret what happened to the good doctor. Too bad it won't be the ar*eholes that actually beat him up.

    That's ok, though. By the time I'm done telling off the Yank, they'll have a ruined vacation and a story that when they tell it back home will keep another bunch of them away.

    One way or another, there will be justice for what those border "guards" (border bullies would be closer) did – even if it's only me telling a Yank that they are not welcome in my community, and precisely why.

    And I hope that Yank is a hothead enough to take a swing at me…

  4. I'm delighted for Mr. Watts, and I'm ashamed of our border police. I think it's ridiculous that he's considered a "felon" for the act of getting clubbed by a border patrol agent.

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