The Mohr Monster Gets Around…

Monstrous Affections has been getting face-time, as it were, at some pretty high-traffic spots lately. Just last night, I was reliably informed that io9, the sf/f/h news spot, featured a portion of the cover in this posting right here, about the success of independent sf publishers at the end of the publishing world.

And earlier in the week, the Yard’s reliable friend boingboing used the Sloan Man’s kissable mug to remind the world that all of ChiZine Publications’ books are available as affordable, DRM free e-books.

All this has less to do with me and my deathless prose than it does with the devil’s-work of boy genius Erik Mohr, who designed the truly deathless cover of Monstrous Affections and indeed has designed all the covers for ChiZine’s books.

Erik really is an evil genius. As Tomb-R.O.A.C.H., one of the commenters at Io9, wrote:

“I would call this a post that starts with a image that makes you wanna run away. But the hashtag was too long.”


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