I am a sell-out…

Oh, what a misleading header that is, to lead into a report that Monstrous Affections has sold out its first print-run and is going into the second one now. That is what this post is about, though; just three months after the collection hit the bookstore/online retailer/book launch circuit, ChiZine tells me that the last of the books in the first print run are now spoken for. Fortunately for you Yard-Apes who’ve been slow with the debit-card, there’ll be a second edition coming along briskly.

This is very good news: in fact it is the second bit of good news to come along today.

The first went online at The National Post’s website this morning. It’s a round-table interview by publishing writer Mark Medley, with me, fellow ChiZine author Robert Wiersema, and ChiZine honchos Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi. We go on forever, it seems like, about Canadian horror and the buttery goodness of ChiZine publications, how Robert Wiersema drank himself into a publishing contract and why Pants Are For Company is not the title of my collection.

You can read it all here.

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  1. Seph Giron pointed me to the NP Roundtable and I have to say the cover for your book is truly disturbing. Which, of course, makes me want to read your book! Although I don't consider myself a yard ape. That was very Bruce Campbell of you. 🙂

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