Cobalt, Ontario: Not as much fun as the sign indicates…

… but still some fun. Those of you who’ve read The Pit-Heads over at The Devil’s Exercise Yard may have been wondering: is there really a vampire-infested mining town called Cobalt, Ontario with some of the prettiest industrial ruins in Northern Ontario? Did this town really supply 44 per cent of the world’s silver at one point? Was there really:

a grocery, built on top of an old mine shaft, a three-hundred-foot deep root cellar where the owners dangle their overstock of meat and cheese against the improbable heat of high summer in northern Ontario“?

In answer: Yes, Yes and It’s a restaurant now but Yes, and it looks like this:

7 thoughts on “Cobalt, Ontario: Not as much fun as the sign indicates…”

  1. I grew up in this town and never heard anything about vampires. Even those who live there find the "Glory Hole" sign hilarious!

  2. Well If you search Google Earth I'm the Red House directly above the Glory Hole. From My bedroom window I can see driectly into the Pit. If I could afford the engineering and liablity insurance I'll put a zip line over the hole. Just to note there is much more to see in town some of which you still do not even need to trespass. Hurry soon since I'm sure the silver mines will be starting soon.

  3. My parents live there now (semi-retired), and I spent some years living in Haileybury when I was a kid. Consequently, I've based my soon-to-be-released paranormal romance (involving vampires and witches) on Cobalt's giant pothole, although I've changed the name and some aspects of the town for my story. The mine frame / restaurant figures prominently as a setting in both my book, Wind and Shadow, and the prequel novella, "Mist and Midnight" (Midnight Thirsts, Melange Books, 2011). There's just something about Cobalt that lends it to the supernatural in one's imagination…

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