Off to the Merril Collection…

… and we’ll see how it goes, this Christmas Cream Tea reading. I spent the last couple of days battling laryngitis, and this morning have something resembling a voice. So I’m going to try and read a short story in such a way that won’t ruin everybody’s Christmas and start a run on returns for the story collection. Wish me luck, yard-apes.

In the meantime, however, I note that the Advent Book Blog has posted my review/pitch of Albert Sanchez Pinol’s brilliant novel Pandora in the Congo. It was supposed to be 25 words or less. I seem to have gone a little longer — by, um, a factor of 10. But that’s because it’s a good and complex book, and saying, Brits Battle Mole Men, Bed Mole Woman, wouldn’t do it justice. The editors have indulged me, and it’s right here.

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