A Monstrous Christmas at the Merril

We drank tea and ate scones and sang Cthulhu Christmas carols and carried on like the risen dead at the Merril Collection – and as a final Christmas miracle, my laryngitic voice held out long enough to render a uniquely terrifying reading of “The Mayor Will Make A Brief Statement And Then Take Questions.” As I said to the crowd before the reading, “I am deathly ill and delighted to be here, and that sentence doesn’t come up in conversation very often.”

Seriously – it was a great time, and in a minute I’m going to craft a thank-you email to the Friends of the Merril Collection for having me and ChiZine honchos Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi as guests yesterday at the afternoon tea. For now, here is a shot (courtesy of Yard Ape Do-Ming Lum) of Sandra Kasturi and I, acting out a scene from Nosferatu, in the original Silent.

-photos by Do-Ming Lum

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