Laird Barron weighs in on Knife Fight

A lovely blurb came in today for my upcoming collection Knife Fight and Other Struggles, from none other than Laird Barron–who’s leading the 21st century movement toward neo-Lovecraftian weird fiction through a clutch of excellent stories (collected here, here, and most recently here) and a novel (here).

Laird has this to say:

Knife Fight and Other Struggles is a remarkable collection that drops some hi-fidelity weirdness on the scene . Nickle’s prose has gorgeous lines of symmetry and a steel spine.”

Knife Fight and Other Struggles will be my second story collection, after 2009’s Monstrous Affections.
It’ll be out in October 2014, available in the usual places. Readers anxious to get it first can, of course, pre-order it here.

* * *


After I posted this, Laird effectively offered up a second blurb, with a short post on his own blog, right here. This is what we at the Yard call a class act.

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