There was this book launch, see…

Yesterday (Saturday November 29, ’08) at Bakka-Phoenix is when it happened, just as I predicted here, for Tesseracts Twelve. As promised, there were cookies, and books, and readings, and after that signings. Jill and Michael did not do a Sonny-and-Cher style duet, but no one seriously expected it.


Here are some pictures, courtesy of Karen Fernandez…

… of editor Claude Lalumière, extoling the virtues of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, the high quality of the slush pile, and the virtues of longer pieces of Canadian sf:

… of Brett Savory, who wrote the introduction to the book, extolling the virtues of Claude:

… of Michael Skeet and Jill Snider-Lum, reading from their story “Beneath the Skin”:

… of E.L. Chen, reading from her story “The Story of the Woman and Her Dog”:

… of Grace Seybold, in town for the weekend from Montreal, reading from her story, “Intersections”:

… of me, hollering out the opening scene of my story “Wylde’s Kingdom”:

… and of Corwin Snider-Lum, reading somewhat more quietly from his own book, the title of which he didn’t feel need to share:

Here’s what the signings looked like:

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