The Care and Feeding of Horror

Apologies for the radio silence here at the Yard. But here we are, just days before I’m to appear at the Toronto SpecFic Colloquium at Hart House, and here I am, posting about it.

The colloquium is taking place in Hart House at the University of Toronto – and the day long event will feature talks by a bunch of authors more famous and well-regarded than I… along with I.
I will be on stage twice. Once, at 10 a.m. when I will deliver my talk, The Care and Feeding of Horror: How an Unpleasant Emotion Became an Unstable Genre. The title says it all, but I’ll be saying a little bit more than that for a half hour to start things off.

Later, there are readings… for me, much later. I’m listed as the last reader of the evening. I expect I’ll be reading from Eutopia, the novel that will appear in April of 2011 from CZP.

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