Road Rage, Canadian Style

The red car was in front of us – like us,  intending to make a left turn from Danforth onto Coxwell. When the light turned green, the car proceeded a nose-length into the intersection but no more – so that only one car – the red one – would be able to make it legally through the intersection on a yellow, if it came to that.

It seemed to be coming to that. So I tapped the horn. Twice.

We both made it through. But once we were through, the red car stopped, blocking us. A stout young man got out of the passenger side, came up waving his arms. Karen, who has strong opinions on the etiquette of left turn lanes, told him the red car should have proceeded fully into the intersection. This was the wrong thing to say.

The stout passenger waved his arms and screamed, “No! The law says you must wait until it is safe to proceed into an intersection!”

I interjected: “You need to get back in your car now, sir.” And he did.

I love my country.

2 thoughts on “Road Rage, Canadian Style”

  1. Before you asked him to return to your car, did you beetle your brow and scowl? Because, confronted with that scowl, motel clerks have been known to offer discounts!

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