One Novel = finished… sort of.

Does anybody but the author care when a draft of a horror novel that still needs a lot of work is finished? The only way to find out for sure is to blog it when it happens and watch the lauditory comments pile up. Or not…

Here’s the birth announcement, as sent out earlier this week to the members of a certain writer’s workshop, concerning the completion of Mister Juke – a horror novel about the early American eugenics movement, of which you will hopefully read more in forthcoming months:

A screaming baby Juke was delivered at approximately 8:23 a.m. Tuesday May 1. It is deformed, mis-shapen and extremely agitated, and weighs approximately 136,000 words. However, with a little surgery…


In the spirit of personal/professional blogging that I have seen elsewhere, some details: I am wearing running gear, drinking tepid coffee and not listening to any music, although still trying to decode the very interesting CD label from Year Zero

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