My SFContario schedule this weekend

The time is coming for SFContario. Toronto’s fall sf convention. This weekend, to be precise. And I’ll be there, at panels and a reading and a kaffeeklatsch. Here are the details:

But I don’t know any vampires Our English teachers taught us to “write what you know” But very few of us have been on a long space journey, met a vampire detective, or fought a fire-breathing dragon. Our panelists discuss how a little research and common sense can give you just enough background to really write about what you don’t know. (Helen Marshall, Michael McPherson, David Nickle, Douglas Smith, Caitlin Sweet,) Saturday 11:00 AM, Ballroom A
Book Trailers Book trailers are one of the newer shinier ways to promote a book? Do they help? Can, and should, you make your own, and if so, what are the things to avoid? (Beverly Bambury (M), Helen Marshall, David Nickle, Adam Shaftoe) Saturday 1:00 PM, Courtyard
I Know That Place! How do you as a writer approach the challenge of using real places in fiction and how do you futurize a location while still leaving clues that allow the reader to recognize it? (Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Susan Forest, David Nickle, Jo Walton) Saturday 2:00 PM Ballroom A
Reading – Sunday 10:00 AM Gardenview
Exploring Gender Roles in SF and Horror How do science fiction, fantasy, and horror explore beyond our existing gender roles? How often do we see authors fall back on traditional gender roles or just flipping gender roles? Or how often do we do it ourselves? Who has created unique roles separate from gender or dealing with gender beyond binaries? What would we like to see? (Chandler Davis, Susan Forest, Violet Malan, David Nickle) Sunday 11:00 PM, Ballroom A

Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday 1:00 PM Room 207

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