Monstrous Affections is available for pre-order

Monstrous Affections, the story collection of mine of which you’ve heard so much, is now available for pre-order at ChiZine Publications*, which is the most righteous way to pre-order the book. You can click right here, make the necessary arrangements, and the book will be delivered to your home / business / anonymous post office box / loved one’s domicile, in October.

ChiZine’s making all of their books available for pre-order right now, so if you want to buy ’em all, you can click right here and do that too.


* Yes, yes. I know two posts back, I said it wouldn’t be available until October 1, after having originally said it would be available September 1. We’re all entitled to a couple of mistakes and mistaken corrections of those mistakes now and then. We’re also entitled to get it right once in awhile.

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