Monstrous Affections: Back In Stock

The downside of selling out the first print run of your story collection in late November, is that all through December, no one can find the damn thing on* Hopefully, this didn’t ruin Christmas for too many yard-apes – or worse, cause them to inadvertently pay $200+ from the online book dealers at Amazon.

The upside of selling out the first print run of your story collection, on the other hand, is that there is a second printing. It’s been available for awhile now at, but as of yesterday, lay hold of some copies. So all is as it should be. Not in time for Christmas, true, but there are still plenty of shopping days ’til Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the link:

Monstrous Affections @

*Of course, Toronto-area yard apes were able to find the book at places like The World’s Biggest Bookstore, where they bought quite a few, and Bakka-Phoenix Science Fiction Bookstore, where they bought a bundle: enough, in fact, to put the collection on the store’s best-seller list for the second month in a row (in November, its first month on the list, I am informed it was the store’s top-selling trade paperback). See for yourself right here

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  1. This is just to say that I loved "Monstrous Affections." It was so good. 'The Mayor Will Make a Brief Statement and Then Take Questions' still haunts me. If you will promise to write some more books, I will promise to purchase them. Deal?

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