Lots of Affections for America

This is a note for U.S. yard apes that might have been thinking about getting ahold of Monstrous Affections but were feeling stymied by its spotty availability. For a few weeks now, Amazon.com’s been promising more stock real soon. And who knows where the books are available on the ground?

Two bits of encouraging news, then. First, Amazon.com’s re-stocked, and will be filling those orders that came in during the stocking haitus. Check it out here.

And second: Brett at ChiZine informs me that Borders has placed a very large order of Monstrous Affections for the chain. It is the kind of order that might just put the second printing over hump-day, and should stock shelves in a sizeable number of the bookstore chain’s outlets. Soon.

3 thoughts on “Lots of Affections for America”

  1. I just finished reading the collection having found it, unprompted, in a local bookstore (drawn to it by the very creepy cover graphic – perhaps an important note to publishers). I enjoyed it immensely and glad that it found its way to the States. Good job and congratulations.

  2. I found this book as well by cover alone at Borders. I knew it would be scary-and smart. This is not easy to find in the horror section nowadays when said section is stocked full of "Emo Teen Vampire Blues" and "Motocross Zombies with Cool Chainsaws".

    Frankly, it should have been shelved in literature. I really loved it and it reminds me of "Knockemstiff" with a dollop of the supernatural but without the Palahniuk-style scatology (now that wouldn't be very Canadian).

    Write more!!!

  3. Wow – thank you, Fertanish and Tarot-ist! It's one thing to obsessively go through the postal codes on the Borders site to see where it might be – it's one much healthier thing to hear from readers south of the border who've found the book and feel they got their money's worth. Thank you for both buying, and stopping by to say so.

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