First time lucky…

… not me, this time — I’m way past first times for most things that you can safely blog about in these repressive times — but my pal Madeline Ashby, whose first published story, descriptively titled “In Which Joe and Laurie Save Rock and Roll”, made honorable mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best Science Fiction. Madeline’s younger than me by, erm, decades, and has now matched me point for point for honorable mentions in the Dozois series. And I am fine with that.



Seriously, though… not having ever had kids, or ever intending to, the opportunities for inter-generational pride are few and far between. And so in that spirit, I present to you: my pal, the doctor.

(Hopefully, this will be a credible enough hit that the web-cred-conscious Ms. Ashby will feel she can have something to link to on her own blog, when she starts in with the justifiable boasting).

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