Eutopia special edition is going, going….

… gone, on Friday. That’s the last chance anyone has to order this special edition from the Horror Mall. It’s a $50 signed limited edition, and it’s the only place you’ll be able to purchase and see illustrations by Canadian landscape painter Lawrence Nickle (my dad). The illustrations are fantastic, and worth the price by themselves, you want to ask me.

I’ve put up some of those illustrations in previous posts. But as there are only two days left to place the order, I thought I’d put up another one to whet your appetite.

Here it is, then: the illustration for Chapter Two – A Damn Germ..

Jason Thistledown’s mama was tall and beautiful and strong; stronger of arm than many a man and more powerful of spirit than any two. Yet in the end it was not a man nor two nor even a gang of them, but a damn germ that killed her.

If you want to pre-order the hardcover…. click here.

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