A midsummer night’s blog post…

It has been, I note, a while since I last drew yard-apes’ attention to anything Eutopian – or indeed anything. And it’s not that nothing has been going on, because it has. Or at least, I have been googling my own name. A lot.

There have been reviews by dilligent bloggers, like Bibliotropic, Bonnie at Bookish Ardour, Majanka Verstraete at I <3 Reading, Grace at Feeding My Book Addiction, JD at Bureau 42, (and in a slightly expanded form, at Everything2), the reviewer known as prodigy.

Ellie at Curiosity Killed The Bookworm reviewed Eutopia here, and after I sent a thank-you note, asked me some questions then posted the interview here. 

The Philidelphia City Paper reviewed Eutopia along with some others earlier this month, here.

Eutopia made it to Poland – or at least to the Polish sf blogger who writes Machaniczny czlowiek, and who reviewed it extensively here, in Polish.(Google translates it here)

Most of the reviews are generally positive, but as I suspected when I wrote it, the book is not for everyone. With that in mind, kudos to Morsie Reads, and Bending the Spine for giving Eutopia a try.

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