The ‘Geisters

When Ann LeSage was a little girl, she had an invisible friend—a poltergeist that spoke to her with flying knives and howling winds. She called it the Insect. Eventually, with some professional help, Ann learned to contain it. But the nightmare never truly ended.
As Ann grew into young woman, the Insect grew with her. It became more than terrifying. It became a thing of murder. Now, as she embarks on a new life married to successful young lawyer, Michael Voors, Ann believes that she finally has the Insect completely under control. But there are others vying to take that control away from her. They may not know exactly what they’re dealing with, but they know they want it. They are the ’Geisters. And in pursuing their own perverse dream, they risk spawning the most terrible nightmare of all.

Praise for The ‘Geisters

“Award-winning Toronto author David Nickle masters the art of terror in The ‘Geisters, a poltergeist novel alive with magnetic characters, steady action and atmospheric scares. 

Nickle populates his fictional world with supernatural threats that are as believable and startling as they are scary and enigmatic. He hooks the reader in a matter of pages and never lets up until the end.”
Jessa Sobczuk
Rue Morgue Magazine

“The language of The ’Geisters does an exquisite job of capturing the struggle for language in the face of horror and violence,

the way that the brain can fail to interpret what the eyes are seeing. . . . It is this groping towards making sense of what the characters are seeing and experiencing that makes The ’Geisters succeed in its most wrenching and visceral moments, as horror or fractures in logical reality gradually take shape in the mind of the reader and the characters together. These dawning moments of horror, or spookiness, or dread, or simultaneous arousal and disgust, are what make The ’Geisters at once so desirable and so deeply uncomfortable. This is a book that buzzes in your ears, climbs your crawling skin with multiple barbed feet, feeling with exquisitely sensitive antennae for the next new and terrible revelation.”
-Natalie Zena Walschots
The National Post

“The story is a white-knuckler from page one,

and Nickle is a master of luring you into thinking that the supernatural can be rationalized and systemized, only to reveal, time and again, that the orderly patterns we try to make of the irrational are figments of our imagination. I was off-balance and more than a little scared throughout.”
Cory Doctorow

“The book doesn’t just explore the attractiveness of terror—

it embodies it in a narrative that demands (excites even as it repels) your attention. It’s a(nother) strong novel by one of the best, most interesting horror writers working today.”

“Few writers do psychosexual horror as well as David Nickle,

and with The ‘Geisters he’s back with another tale of voluptuous horror and the supernatural.”
Alex Good
The Toronto Star

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