We have some winners…

… in Bob and Dave and Doug’s Flash-Flash Fiction Contest, and they’re right here, at ChiZine Publications’s website.

Dedicated yard-apes may recall that the contest to find the best short-short-short story (300 words or less) closed to submissions last month, with promises that January 2 we’d come up with a winner and two runners-up. The winner would receive copies of we three judges’ story collections: Horror Story and Other Horror Stories, by Robert Boyczuk; Objects of Worship by Claude Lalumière; and Monstrous Affections by David Nickle (me!). The runners’ up would get their pick of which story collection they wanted.

All that Bob and Claude and I had to do was read the stories, pick the best, and ChiZine would do the rest (including posting the winners on their website). All that is now done. So go check them out. The winner is Cedar by Donna Burgess; the two runners-up are One Zombie by Catherine MacLeod, and Layers Deep by Paul Abbamondi.

Congratulations to the three top stories, and thanks to everyone who entered.

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