We don’t want you to talk. We want you to submit.

You thought we were just monologuing when we said we’d be doing an anthology of unauthorized James Bond stories? Hah. Not so. LICENCE EXPIRED: The Unauthorized James Bond is open for unsolicited submissions, until the end of May. Madeline Ashby, my co-editor and other things too, have already got a couple of stories in the bag (and they are corkers) but we’re looking for more. The deal, as you’ve heard here before, is straightforward as defusing a nuclear warhead: write stories under 5,000 words about James Bond as Ian Fleming wrote him. But DON’T CROSS THE WIRES and write about any of the movies or subsequent books. That is because as things stand today, Fleming’s work is in public domain in Canada, but not in most of the rest of the world. Your story, if selected, will therefore only be published in Canada (unless we can convince the holders of the rights to allow publication elsewhere). But you will have written a story about James Bond. And you know you’ve always wanted to.

Any more questions 007? Here’s the full dossier. You can read it on the plane.

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