The Revenge of the Hell-Skull

Long-time yard apes may recall some trouble awhile back, when we reported the theft of a prized artifact from the Nickle-Fernandez back deck: the Hell Skull of Goran.
It was a deliciously evil sculpture by a once-local sculptor name of Goran, and it was going to be hellaciously, as it were, difficult to replace. The Yard lamented the loss of the Hell Skull, and brought down Hell Skull Curses on the thief who took it.
And that might have been it. But this past weekend,  on the way through Burks Falls from Temagami, we stopped at dad’s place — where he had pretty much finished making drawings and oil paintings and watercolours of what has become known as the Hell Skull 2.*  So we brought it home.

And now, all is right on Heaven, Earth and the Other Place.

* Yes. It is a bison skull. Bison are not minions of Hell, but rather agreeable big herbivores who are harder to come by than they once were. Play along, yard apes.

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