The Feeger Oracle

Seen through the lens of pain, the Oracle wasn’t all that demure. 

She stood tall like her brothers, and her black hair hung near her waist, and she seemed strong, with thick hips and large, full breasts and flushed cheeks and lips. But the Oracle paid a toll, and Andrew could see it in her eyes, at once wide and sunken, ringed dark; and her odd posture, bent and swaying in the dark cloth of her home-wove dress. She held a bundle wrapped in cloth and twigs, the way a mother might hold a baby.

 That bit is a passage from Eutopia.  The illustration is the work of Brian Prince, a graphic designer who surprised and delighted me a week or so ago with an email and this lovely rendering. Brian earns his keep doing matte paintings and other sundry things, and his website,, gives a fine tour of them all.

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