The 2016 awards eligibility post. Awkward…

Here is an awkward, year-end post of the sort you’ll be seeing a lot of from author-types: the awards-eligible-stories-for-the-coming-year’s-award-season post.
I don’t normally do this. But while 2016 has been a terrible year for many things, it has been for me at least a pretty good year for short story publication. Even with two story sales falling through the cracks in publishing schedules, I’ve got five stories out this year that I’m proud to have my name on in all sorts of different ways. 
I’ve mentioned each of these stories in blog posts throughout the year. But as the year draws to a close, I’m rounding them up here for posterity if not prizes.

So here they are, for people looking for an excuse to nominate a David Nickle story or novelette, or just like clicking links: the eligible stories that I published in 2016, by category:

Short Story: The Caretakers at; The Parable of the Cylinder, at Canadian Notes & Queries; The Long Dream, in Joe Pulver’s The Madness of Dr. Caligari.
Novelette: The Bicameral Twist, in Congress Magazine #1 (at once oh so not safe for work, and the only bona fide science fiction story by me  for 2016); Jules and Richard in Ellen Datlow’s Children of Lovecraft. 

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