Tesseracts 14

I was really torn for a minute there. Brett Savory put out word yesterday that the Table of Contents of Tesseracts 14, the next edition of the long-running Canadian sf anthology he’s co-editing with John Robert Colombo, will be revealed shortly. Because it is a big secret.

Some time later, I got this… email from Brett. And I thought to myself – can I brag about it on my blog yet? Is it ethical? If it’s not, is my ass covered by good company?

I did a google blog search. And doing so, I found this, and this, and this.

My ass, I figure, is covered by good company.

* * *

And so…

You heard it here first, Yard-Apes: my story “Basements,” a rambling meditation on the war on terror, home renovation obsession and the need to wear trousers when guests show up, will be listed in the table of contents of Tesseracts 14 when Brett and John finally get around to posting it.

This is the seventh Tesseracts volume that’s contained a story of mine. In addition to having a clear conscience, I am also delighted to be a part of what promises to be an excellent anthology, given the company.

Like the stories in my collection Monstrous Affections, “Basements” will be sealed behind a shriek-inducing cover by the inimitable Erik Mohr.

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