Pimping the book week 3: Monstrous Affections gets its own cell-block

It’s been a relatively quiet Week 3 in the Book Pimping department, although not an insignificant one. Bought a small ad in the programme book for Polaris, but there’s no point in mentioning that here now because nobody sees it until the pedal hits the metal at the convention itself.

Which takes place a month from now, July 10-13 at the Sheraton Parkway North Hotel and where I will be a guest, apparently talking about Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe (click here for rates and info).


I also did a bit of fooling around over at The Devil’s Excercise Yard website, and put together this Monstrous Affections sampler page.

It is devilishly simple in concept: a vaguely obscene pitch combined with the vaguely obscene cover, followed by the new never-before-seen Table of Contents of the book, and the first paragraph or so of each of the thirteen stories. That weren’t enough, it also has links to all the various online iterations of the stories. So there are stories you can read in the Yard, there’s one you can read where it was originally published at the ChiZine webzine, and there are audio podcasts of two of them over at Pseudopod.

Oh. And the banner’s based on the ad design I put together for the Polaris programme book. July 10-13. In Richmond Hill. The town where I grew up. If you go we can talk about Poe.

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