O happy Hallow’s Eve!

Rue Morgue Magazine’s Jessa Sobczuk digs my novel The ‘Geisters and says so, in the magazine’s supersized Halloween edition. There’s nowhere to link–Rue Morgue doesn’t fly with the idea of free content on the website--but allow me to quote her opening:

“Award-winning Toronto author David Nickle (Monstrous Affections, Eutopia) masters the art of terror in The ‘Geisters, a poltergeist novel alive with magnetic characters, steady action and atmospheric scares. Nickle populates his fictional world with supernatural threats that are as believable and startling as they are scary and enigmatic. He hooks the reader in a matter of pages and never lets up until the end.”

It goes on for a bit, then finishes: 

“Anyone who enjoys ghostly yarns or supernatural dark fiction should add this perverse, spine-tingling tome to their collection — stat!”

This is the latest in a couple of fashionably-late-to-the-party reviews of The ‘Geisters to come out. Bookgasm’s Mike Reynolds penned a really kindly review here, in which he writes, in part: 

“The book doesn’t just explore the attractiveness of terror — it embodies it in a narrative that demands (excites even as it repels) your attention. It’s a(nother) strong novel by one of the best, most interesting horror writers working today.”

 And blogger CheffoJeffo writes in this review:

“In The ‘Geisters, David Nickle captures two types of horror (the latter being too often overlooked): horror found in the supernatural and, even more frightening, the horror to be found in humanity.
“So, how much did I enjoy The ‘Geisters?
“Enough to jack up my TBR stack by a couple of inches:”


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