It’s not all about me and my stupid collection…

… it’s also, some days, about the Devil’s Exercise Yard’s honorary Sergeant at Arms, Tom Waits – the razor-throated troubadour who a year and a bit back announced his Glitter and Doom tour’s schedule to the usual room-full of reporters.

Well, turns out he wasn’t just faking. There was a tour. It went to places more than a day’s drive from the Yard, and so the Yard sent its regrets and listened to it on NPR’s website. This month, Mr. Waits is releasing a live album based on that tour in two disks: one, a compilation of songs like this one:

… the other, an edit of between-song patter for those who go to Tom Waits shows for the storytelling.

The LP (it comes out on vinyl as well as CD) doesn’t show up until November 24. But Waits has offered up a huge dollop of the thing for nothing, at his own website. Eight tracks. For free. Just like the Yard does with short stories.

I have just finished listening to them. I could go on for awhile, telling you about Yodeling Elaine and her dollar-sign medallion; or how exactly you get a cheery rendition of Singapore to play so sweet. Or precisely why Fannin Street makes me weep. Far better, I think, to just give you this link. For free Glitter and discount Doom.

Right here.

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