Okay. Peter Watts is free right now (although that freedom could well be fleeting). And he is not a squid (although that is what his friends call him).

Nonetheless, I’d like to direct you to Free The Squid, a comprehensive website set up by U.S. fan Chris Knall over the past few days: It’s a page that brings together all the information you need to first decide whether you’d like to help Peter defend against charges that he assaulted a U.S. border guard – and then if you do want to help, it tells how to get Peter the money he needs to pay the considerable costs of that defense. It’s got news feeds, showing what the news sites and the bloggers are saying about this case – which is plenty. It doesn’t have a comments page, because comments have been getting out-of-hand on this situation, and really…

Chris put the whole thing together himself, with no input or approval from Peter and only minimal consultation with me. I would buy him a beer for his troubles, but I’m not going to be in New York for the forseeable future all things considered… so it will have to wait.

Much thanks, Chris. And once again: here’s the link.

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