Claus-ing Our Way Up The Amazon charts!

Yes – this is how I thank Devil’s Exercise Yard readers, for hauling The Claus Effect up from its 2.8 millionth sales ranking oblivion to an unheard-of middle ranking of #333,677 in Books: with a cheesy subject-line pun.

So let’s start again: thank you, Devil’s Exercise Yard readers, for helping Karl Schroeder’s and my 10-year-old Santa Claus novel claw its way up to respectability on the sales ranking charts. I am assuming it’s you, because the book has been languishing in seven-figure hell since the day Amazon came up with the ranking system, and it’s only been a couple few weeks since I began insisting that Yard-readers do something about that.

So if you’re one of the readers that have bought a Claus Effect on after having read this exerpt (possibly, given the uncertainty of how exactly Amazon ratings work, the single reader who did so) pat yourself on the back. If you’re not – well, go here, buy the book, then pat yourself on the back.

And accept our thanks. Karl and I are grateful bastards indeed.

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