Barely in time for Christmas…

… the second printing of Monstrous Affection ships. Last week, ChiZine honcho Brett Savory let me know that new copies of my ordered-out story collection were in Canadian distributor LPG’s warehouse, and should be shipping to those who’ve ordered ’em Tuesday. Which means that, which has listed the book as ‘vanished’ for the past month or so, may well have some available for order. This will probably result in a bit of a plummet in the price of copies of the book advertised there from secondary sellers. As I type this, I note that one vendor is selling the thing for $111.48 (plus $3.99 shipping).

As an author, I’m flattered at the price that this bookseller thinks he/she can fetch for a first-printing copy of my book. For a collector who wants a first-printing copy of Monstrous Affections – maybe $111.48 USD plus shipping is a fair price to pay. But if I were a shopper who doesn’t put much stock in first printings and just wants the damn book in time for Christmas, I would be mighty ticked to have put down $111.48 USD, only to check back Tuesday and find the book available on Amazon for $14. I would have appreciated a tip-off.

Well consider yourself tipped-off, American shoppers on More MA‘s are on the way.

2 thoughts on “Barely in time for Christmas…”

  1. This is fairly common on Amazon. The same thing happens to roleplaying games. There have been cases of games selling for well over $100 when they were still available from the publisher for $15 or $20. Every few months someone posts about it on

    No one seems to know why this goes on. Is it sheer greed? Is it cluelessness?

    One theory is that they're trying to trap the occasional idiot.

    I have my own theory that maybe they get a break on fees or something if they list $X of inventory on Amazon. So, they take a few books this side of a remainder bin (uh… no offense) and post them for astronomical prices while most of their stuff sells at much more reasonable prices.

    Whatever the reason, it's very odd…

  2. Just finished the collection, thought it was great! Amazing range of characterization and style.

    Great cover too — striking & it really reflects the subtle weirdness of your stuff.

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